Raynette Kennedy Weiss and polictical history

Raynette Kennedy Weiss 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WHAT MY GOALS ARE IF I AM ELECTED PRESIDENT                                                                                                                                          

Theme: Reach for the stars America, "We will get it done", if possible. We are for all citizens and legal immigrants.

Provide seniors, disabled and low income with better, stronger, and cost effective services. Have a cap system where the minimum is 50.00 for food stamps for example for a single person, and make a scale for the rest of the families who are in need and be approved by congress. For those who can work and are on this program I wish to set up a nationwide program to aide the states so that they can get these people that can work off the system and into a job in a way that the individual can handle it. 

 Reform the social security program so people that are on the disability programs are not afraid to work so that if they need to go back to social security they may do so. They will also have a safety net the whole time they are working until they cannot work anymore or until retirement age. We know a lot of people that are disabled that wish to work; but due to how the system is people are afraid to try to work because if they work and make to much they will be cut off the system and it is hard to get back on at this time. You also have the problem where employers are skeptical of hiring people that are on the system because they do not want to throw them off. This is a problem. It does need to be fixed.

Prohibit Non emergency Government shut downs; unless it is an extreme emergency; such as floods, environmental issues, and other natural disasters.

Re implement the Constitution for Governing the nation.

Reform the voting rights act.

Reform post secondary education costs to make it easier to either pay back or go to zero for tuition and educational materials.

Develop reliable and stronger weapons control.

Make health care affordable for everyone by Strengthening the ACA(Affordable Care Act) 

Strengthen ADA.(Americans with Disabilities Act)

Reform Medicaid so states are fairer with it.

A basic course should be given on how the Government works other than what is taught in school, so people are not at odds with the officials while they try to work with the Government which is a bit broken.

Change the legal system so it helps the lower and middle income, same as with the higher income.

Assist congress in revamping the rules and regulations so there are not so many stumbling blocks for them to work with.

Make the banking system fairer for the lower and middle class.

Make border security stronger utilizing methods other than physical barriers.

Make immigration system much fairer and better for legal immigrants; this would include making the citizenship tests in the other counties languages, as well as English. This will help people learn the correct English that they did not learn in their counties. Some of them come over with pigeon English, then have to learn it more. So it is unfair to have a test just in English and try to do it. We know an interviewer gives the test but it would be better if in written form so they understand it.

Make outside contractors a division of the Government in case of a shutdown so they will remain open, so the government can oversee them so there is no problems.  If a shutdown should arise, a plan for back pay should be put in place.

We will strongly try to make sure that no law violates the U.S. Constitution. This will include updating laws every 10 years if needed.

Will try to update the military rules and make the military better for the ones who serve us.

Implement a fare shared tax system.

Repeal citizens united.

Legislate for the homeless to have daycare programs to help them get back on their feet and have housing. Instead of a shelter build an apartment where they can live comfortably at the tax payer money until they get on their feet, after all, taxpayers are paying for them anyway. The biggest problem with shelters, no one is comfortable about being in them because they get stolen from, and this is why they have a tendancy to stay on the street, because they get stolen from less. Another problm is that after a certain time in the morning you have to go out and this is rain or shine.  The maximum allowed to stay in the apartment is one year without rent. The rest of the plan would be given should I become president. They should not be forgotten. Some of them fought for this country.

Make a big serious attempt to fix foreign relations.